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I never listened to rumors about the Apple TV set. To me, they were stupid. The reasoning and arguments made so far were not relevant about having Apple building an appliance with a big display panel in it. All arguments were about content and user experience and those could be fulfilled already (and are) by the current Apple TV incarnation as a content box.
The current TV set business is a mess with razor thin margins, not because of bad user experience but because fierce competition and low differentiation opportunity. A TV set is a giant piece of glass but contrary to the iPhone and iPad, it has no control on the content it displays. And because of content ownership and delivery issue, this can’t be solved by a single player on its own.

But I changed my mind since latest BGR rumor ahead of WWDC 2012.

They talked about the new Apple TV oS that would be demonstrated. But this was not relevant to my flip flopping on Apple building a whole TV set.
There was a side note about a “Made for Apple TV” program, identical to the “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” where component manufacturers could ride the iOS wave by selling accessories that are validated to work nicely with Apple hotcakes-selling devices.
And this finally makes sense to me.

As its current incarnation, there is no (efficient) way for the current Apple TV to issue commands to other components it is directly or indirectly hooked to. However, as a Apple TV set, it could become the bandmaster for what’s hooked to it.

So give me apps and give me accessories and THEN an Apple TV set makes sense in addition to the Apple TV box.

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